Equipment list:
  1. (5) limes   
  2. (5) lemons
  3. (5) oranges
  4. (5) grapefruits
  5. (2 meter) copper wire
  6. (1) multimeter
  7. (2) alligator clips with wires
  8. (20) AAA batteries(Eveready)
  9. (1) 5cm zinc nail
  10. (1) 5cm copper nail
  11. (1 bottle) Universal indicator

Procedures: Detail all procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection
  1. Set up the experiment as shown in the diagram.
  2. Test the acidity of the citric acid present in the fruit using the universal indicator and record it as the bar graph heading.
  3. Connect multimeter to wires and set multimeter to current setting.
  4. Stick the metal nails into the citrus fruits (about 2 cm apart) and wind the wire around the metal nail about 5 times.
  5. Connect two alligators clips to the positive and the negative end of the 1.5 voltage battery
  6. Connect the fruit to the battery to the multi meter.
  7. Observe the multimeter and record how much electrical current passes through the citrus fruit
  8. repeat the experiment with the same fruits for 5 times and take the average voltage(dont forget to change the batteries for the most accurate results)
  9. After recoding the average voltage of the citrus fruit change the fruit and repeat the the experiment 5 times before changing the fruits again.

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